Above you can see the presentation of our main project Project Reborn
on the first and main TV channel of Armenia.

It is an online game with elements of MMORPG, MOBA and Battle Royale,
with a lot of abilities and unique setting.

Project Reborn is entirely our product, released without any publisher.
Available on Steam (PC) and the Play Store and soon to be on the App Store.

Since 2019, when we founded our company, we have been trying to enrich the gaming industry with unique games.
In our friendly team most of the professionals have more than 5 years of experience.

Developing PC and mobile games we have gained experience in

Unity Engine

Photon Pun 2

Firebase Analytics

Firebase Crashlytics

Firebase Realtime Database

Firebase Cloud Messaging

2D art


3D animation

3D modeling and texturing

2D animation (Dragon bones, Spine)

Music and sound design

Online game design

Time Management


Monetization, In-App Purchases and Ads

C# code optimization

Game Design Document

Some of our 2D and 3D arts